my new favourite Caskett video…

"Ever After" {the evolution of Castle & Beckett}

1 year ago on 1 December 2012 @ 9:17pm + 2 notes

The way Castle says “Santa is dead?!” in the promo, he sounds like a little boy, and it is SO FUCKING CUTE. 

3XK: The Accused (a Castle movie trailer)

a trailer with a slightly AU spin on the 5x05 “Probable Cause” episode.

Enjoy :)

"Love  Happens" Movie Trailer (Caskett Style!)

yeah my otp is canon. no big deal.

Castle 5x01 5x02 || Parallels

Poor guy can’t even go a week without screwing something up…

guess who’s got a new Caskett video!!!

Castle & Beckett ~ What If You (by cardiffgiant02)

2 years ago on 27 August 2012 @ 11:21pm + 254 notes
# 5x01

I think this pretty much sums it up for me…

Castle Cast - You’re In My Veins (Season 4 Tribute Collab)

I’m in love with this. I’m going to continue playing it (at least!) once a day until September 24th.

"Trust" (a Castle fanmade trailer)

Castle is an undercover agent with the CIA. His assignment was to get close to and gain the trust of an NYPD Detective (Kate Beckett) and steer her away from an investigation that could potentially uncover some harmful secrets. Falling in love with her wasn’t supposed to part of the plan… Now both their lives are at risk.